Fast Wax “RJ Brown’s Original”


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Fast Wax

Fast Wax “RJ Brown’s Original”  No water required High Performance Cleaning Wax. The secret is out, Fast Wax will give you that desired shine in less time then all other wax’s combined. Taking your from drab to FAB in no time. We use Fast Wax on our 1987 Buick Grand National and if you know about this car, you know it was only made in Black. We want to have that Flawless Mirror Reflection every time we show this car off.  With Fast Wax we achieve our wanted results within minutes and not hours. Even smudges seem to disappear like magic. Dust? Dust literally does not cling to Fast Wax like other wax’s on the market and it lasts for weeks.

We have even started using Fast Wax on our Cessna 182 (airplane). Fast Wax helps cleaning bugs off later, easier then ever before and when we use it on the glass, the raindrops bead up and roll right off.

  • Fastwax is Made for all the demands that weather can throw at us.
  • Fastwax is a long lasting protection for many surfaces.
  • Fastwax is Non-Scratching and works on all painted and non- porous surfaces including glass.
  • Fastwax is Clear coat safe and can even restore some faded paints.
  • Fastwax is Easy to apply.
  • Use Fastwax on Cars, Trucks, Vans, RV’s, Motorcycles, Aircraft, Boats, mirrors, farm equipment, airplanes, and chrome and more.

Fast Wax "RJ Brown's Original" is a high performance no water required cleaning wax great for metal surfaces, glass, appliances, for year round application

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