This method is quite simple and easy to do. Using a 90-degree hook type tool, reach down the side of the brush and pry out the old brush. Be careful not to damage the brush spring. These brush springs are smaller diameter than other Ford brush springs.   Once the brush is removed, you will have to make sure all brush material is off the lead.  Do not remove old brush lead. Slide brush spring down new lead using a hemostat or a clamping device.  Apply pressure to spring while clamping brush lead.  Make one or two turns with brush lead against clamp in a small round button shape.  Solder this flat button with a small amount of solder, cut off excess lead, remove clamp.  Spring should be under pressure against solder, compact brush lead in regulator.  Install new brushes and set brush pin.  It may be necessary to compress brushes and drill new brush pin hole.