Rebuilder’s need to be aware of a problem in the industry, with 40/50 shift forks.   Chris at EMS, posted a problem on the ERA website, about the 50 MT shift forks. He mentioned that they were hitting the center housing because the bend is wrong on the shift fork. EMS tried several different suppliers and they were all the same.  We experienced the problem first hand when we were installing a 50 MT on a silver 92 Detroit in a 1979 Peterbilt truck.  The starter would not engage properly, after removing the starter and doing some measuring, we found out that the shift fork was binding against the center housing. We ordered a new one from Delco, Part #1945484. As you can see from the pictures, there is a significant difference in the shift forks.  Also there is a picture of an old style 2 pc. Delco shift fork. I don’t think anyone is manufacturing shift forks this way anymore.  Hopefully the suppliers will look at this problem and make the necessary changes.  I also understand that many rebuilders are grinding out the 50 MT center housing to allow clearance for the shift fork.